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Cloud managed services

Managed Services

ITIL compliant, 24x7x365 managed services for the IT infrastructure in the cloud computing environments.
Why migrate to cloud?

Migrate to cloud

Services for migrating applications deployed in on premise infrastructure or classical data centers to the cloud.
Cloud consultancy services


We give consultation to organizations on cloud strategy, choosing the right providers or cloud enablers and reducing TCO.

Migrate2Cloud is a system integrator and managed service provider focusing on cloud computing technologies. We provide cost effective end-to-end services for migrating applications & IT installations to cloud, managing them and providing consultation to setup and maintain custom cloud deployments. The biggest hurdle in migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud is finding the right solutions and service providers who has the expertise in proactively managing the cloud and thats where Migrate2Cloud positions itself.

Public Cloud Provider Services

public cloud providers amazon web services(aws) hybrid cloud gogrid
Public cloud providers provide IaaS to a large audience and has the capabilities to host myriads of applications. We have a seasoned team with expertise in various AWS technologies like Elastic Load Balancers, Cloudfront and much more, RackSpace & Gogrid platforms.

DevOps & Continuous Delivery

hexagrid and cloud enablement solutions
High expectations and quick turn around times of the end users from the software products puts most companies in a situation where quick deliveries as they say, multiple release per day scenario. But the reality is software development,

Open Source Cloud Enablers

open source cloud solutions using Eucalyptus
There are open source cloud enablers which can help us to create private clouds or clouds that can be resold to clients. These products implement APIs compatible to AWS, RackSpace etc and are interoperable.