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Migration services

We can help you analyze your existing infrastructure, identify the cost savings we can achieve by migrating to a cloud provider or setting up a private cloud. We can then help you transition partial or end-to-end migration of your infrastructure and thus brining down the TCO.

We provide migration of your entire IT infrastructure to the best cloud solution meeting your needs. including Application servers, database servers, mail servers, back up servers etc

Enterprise applications to the cloud

Migrate2Cloud helps organizations with migrating various enterprise applications, e-mail servers, portals, CRM etc from their corporate networks to the cloud infrastructure. Deploying your applications on the cloud helps you reduce the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for managing an IT infrastructure within your corporate network. In addition the savings in terms of hardware, power and space moving to the cloud helps distributed teams collaborate much more effectively.

We can help you with choosing the right solution provider, migrate your applications to the cloud and seamlessly integrate your applications existing processes.

Migrate Portals and Websites

Uptime, scalability, speed and cost effective solutions is the requirements of every e-commerce of web portal in today's age. Our team can help you take advantage of the cloud computing offerings to easily achieve these. We can help you migrate your web applications from dedicated, co-located or virtualized hosting to cloud infrastructures.

Our highly expertise team will help you to migrate to clouds in three ways:

  • From Internet to Internet - We take your infrastructure from traditional servers to the clouds.
  • From Intranet to Internet - We help you to move from your in-house IT infrastructure to the clouds.
  • From Intranet to Intranet - We assist you to form your own private cloud and help you to migrate.


Case study

Cloud based Voip solution enjoying 50% increase in performance

"Our client who has multiple offices across the world was finding it difficult to implement a perfect VOIP solutions. We provided solutions that helped in avoiding call drops and transferring calls from geographical office to another".


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