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Managed services in the cloud

  • Service operation

  • Incident management
  • Event management
  • Problem management
  • Service Transition

  • Release management
  • Deployment Management
  • Configuration management
  • Service design

  • Service level management
  • Availability management

Migrate2Cloud team has years of experience in managing traditional IT infrastructures of varying sizes and flavors. Combing our customer focus, proactive service experience with deep expertise in the public cloud offerings like Amazon Web Services (AWS / EC2), RackSpace & Azure we can provide your IT infrastructure the best in class support and thus help you reduce the total cost of ownership.

AWS Managed support

We have competent and skilled team with in-depth knowledge and expertise in various AWS technologies. We can help enterprises & web application deployments to make the best use of EC2, redundancy of S3, persistence elastic block storage (ELB), and scalability provided by Elastic Load Balancers. We also have hands on experience with SimpleDB & SQS.

Beyond AWS:

We have expertise in managing deployments with cloud enablers like Applogic. This grid computing solution from 3Tera (now CA) is capable of managing private clouds and medium sized data centers for SMEs.


Case study

Cloud based Voip solution enjoying 50% increase in performance

"Our client who has multiple offices across the world was finding it difficult to implement a perfect VOIP solutions. We provided solutions that helped in avoiding call drops and transferring calls from geographical office to another".


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