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About Migrate2Cloud.com

Migrate2Cloud is the division of Agileblaze which focuses on providing infrastructure management services in the cloud.

We provide managed services for applications deployed on various cloud providers and helps classic data centers to become cloud enabled and we work with businesses to embrace cloud computing solutions. Enterprises can reduce the total cost of IT ownership by embracing the cloud and migrating their applications from traditional IT infrastructures to public cloud providers or setting up on-premise cloud solutions that suits the business needs. We are equipped to provide necessary support in terms of consultation, technology integration services and ongoing maintenance.

The biggest hurdle in migrating the IT infrastructure to cloud is finding service providers who has the expertise in providing proactive managed services on the cloud. This is where Migrate2Cloud can help you with. We are equipped to provide 24x7x365 remote infrastructure management and technical support to any application that is deployed on the cloud. Combing years of experience in providing end-to-end IT services with deep expertise in cloud IaaS technologies we can empower you to adopt cloud technologies without hurdles.

We can work with a public cloud provider like Amazon EC2 (AWS) and help you migrate enterprise applications or portals deployed MicroSoft / Linux / OpenSolaris / Ubuntu platforms. We have expertise in designing cloud based solutions for applications built on top of MicroSoft technologies, Java / JSP stack, LAMP or Perl stack, various databases like Oracle, PostgreSQL or MySQL etc. We can help you combine the enterprise applications from IBM, Dell or SaaS based services from companies like Google with applications deployed in the cloud platform of choice.