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Services for public clouds

There are many cloud providers out there and practically no reliable system integrators who design, deploy and maintain the solutions that your business needs or move your application to the cloud. We fill the void and work with major public cloud offerings like Amazon Web Services, GoGrid & CloudSigma to provide scalable, cost effective and intelligent solutions that works.

Amazon Web Services(AWS)

public cloud provider aws

We have worked extensively on AWS offerings and we have deployed and manage e-commerce portals to enterprise applications on the EC2 cloud. Apart from deployments making use of complicated load balanced environments to data base cluster we have been able to help our clients with data protection and compliance issues as well.

GOGRID Cloud Hosting

public cloud provider gogrid

GoGrid cloud hosting allows you to build scalable cloud infrastructure in multiple datacenters using dedicated and cloud servers. We have experience in managing and deploying SaaS applications by configuring load balanced and secured servers.


Case study

Cloud based Voip solution enjoying 50% increase in performance

"Our client who has multiple offices across the world was finding it difficult to implement a perfect VOIP solutions. We provided solutions that helped in avoiding call drops and transferring calls from geographical office to another".


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